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السلام عليكم

Welcome to the Crawley Islamic Centre and Masjid!

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First Jummah 12:45 01:30
Second Jummah 01:45 02:15
Ramadan 2024 Timetable

About Crawley Islamic Centre and Masjid

The Crawley Islamic Centre and Masjid (CICM) have come a long way since the centre was set up in 1978 by a handful of Muslim families in Crawley and based in a bungalow, which has now been demolished, on the site.

CICM was registered as a charity & gained charity status on the 25th of August 1977. Since then the community has grown over the years and now Alhamdulillah over 700 brothers attend Jummah prayers regularly. As time moved on, CICM improved facilities to accommodate the increased attendance, by erecting 3 x temporary wood & glass based room extensions at 3 sides of the Masjid. Even with the extra space the brothers are forced to pray in the car park on Jummah in sometimes inclement weather conditions.

CICM also represents the community at local and central Government level and has always endeavoured leading the Muslims affairs in the local borough. The Mosque is being completed in two phases. The first phase has been finished at a cost of £1.1 million. This comprised the construction of the main building and basement.



  • Shaykh Sulaiman Moola Hafidhahullah.

    Renowed speaker and specialist in Tafsir has been invited to give a talk.


  • Love Struck or Dumb Struck.

    An lecture for both brothers and sisters by Shiekh Sikander Iqbal, hosted at the Crawley Masjid. For more details, please contact (07552 921000).

  • Eid Gathering & Cricket Tournament

    An Eid gathering and cricket tournament at Cherry Lane Playing fields to raise funds for Langely Green Masjid. Activites for kids will be includes as well as many food stalls. To enter a team into the tournament, please contact with Kaleen (07411171666) or Ali (07851601527). For stalls and other enquiries, please contact Tanveer (07846665141)

  • LG Masjid Phase 2 Inauguration Ceremony

    An inauguration ceremony to mark the beginning of contruction of phase 2 of the LG Masjid. Event will start after Zuhr Salah, where there will be Qur'an recitation, lectures and nasheeds including guest speaker Dr. Mufti Abdur-Rahman Mangera. Food will be served too. Both Brothers and Sisters are invited.

  • 2nd know your Nabi competition 2017

    A quiz for a range of ages to test how well you know the beloved Messenger SAW.

  • Life of Prophet Eisa' AS (Jesus, son of Mary - pbuh)

    A talk aimed mainly at the youth regarding the life of our beloved Prophet Eisa' AS. Talk will be by Molana Suhail Miya at the Langley Green Masjid after Isha Salah. All brothers and sisters are welcome.

  • Al-Haramain Qur'an Tour - Spiritual Prayers and Inspirational Lectures

    Famous Qira'at, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Zahrani from Saudi Arabia will be in attendance in Langley Green Masjid to lead Isha Salah, followed by a short lecture. This programme is in aid of the Rohingya crisis. Please donate generously. Arrangements have been made for sisters as well, all are welcome.

Masjid Phase 2 Construction Project

We aim to build a multi-purpose Masjid and Centre providing a range of services for our community, with the potential to develop new services in response to changing community needs.
With our Phase 2 project, we look to add an Activities Area, a Communal Dining Area, a Function Room, Adaptable Classrooms, more Wudhu areas, Increased Prayer Space and a Funeral Facility.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“The most beloved of places to Allah is the mosque, and the most detested of places to Allah is the marketplace.” [Sahîh Muslim] There is great reward in building a mosque for Allah’s sake. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him likewise in Paradise.”

[Sahîh al-Bukhârî and Sahîh Muslim]

Masjid Construction (49%)

Paid so far

£313,000 (approx.)

Balance of the Masjid

£452,000 (approx.)

Total Target





Registered Charity: #274153

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Bank: Barclays
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